1180x590 collection BEAUMONT outdoor wear
1180x590 collection BLONDE outdoor wear
1180x590 collection CATNOIR for women
1180x590 collection ESISTO cashmere for women
1180x590 collection ETERNA blouse and shirt
1180x590 collection Juvia comfortable home wear for her and for him
1180x590 collection OLSEN collection for women
1180x590 collection RICH and ROYAL womens collection
1180x590 collection RAFFAELLO ROSSI pantalon jeans
1180x590 collection RIANI dress for women
1180x590 collection ROECKL gloves bags scaf
1180x590 collection VANZETTI belt with strong personality


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The RAFFAELLO ROSSI brand from the German manufacturer Scherer GmbH from Grosswalstadt specializes in the production of women's trousers and jeans.

Special attention in the production of collections is paid to the impeccable quality of the product itself, excellent fit, the development of new original models, the use of high-quality fabrics, accessories and other consumables, as well as optimal pricing, distribution and customer service policies.

These are the principles on the basis of which many successful manufacturers, such as Cambio, Marc Cain, Brax, build their development strategy.

The average purchase price is 60 euros.

The sixth-generation family company, founded in the German city of Munich in 1839, Roeckl is now one of the most renowned manufacturers of high-quality accessories for women and men.

Price segment: medium plus - premium - luxury


leather gloves        28 - 120 Euro

shawls, scarves      28 - 185 Euro

leather bags from 80 Евро

Our products:

- leather gloves made of lambskin nappa, deerskin and

- peccary leather gloves with silk, wool and cashmere lining

- cashmere, wool and silk shawls and scarves

- headwear in cashmere, wool and blend yarn

- leather and textile bags and small leather goods

In addition to 2 annual seasonal collections

Roeckl offers prompt ordering from a warehouse in Germany.


For the presentation of goods on the trading floor branded equipment is offered, as well as seasonal advertising and packaging materials. 

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Throughout 60 years of its existence the company WERNER CHRIST has firmly established itself in the world market and has taken a firm position among the leading manufacturers of premium leather clothing. The main principle of the WERNER CHRIST company is unsurpassed quality!

The key to the success of the company is the use of only the latest technologiesand careful monitoring of the quality of raw materials.

Making real works of art, extremely light and stylish sheepskin coats, leather jackets, suit jackets and raincoats, the Werner Christ team created a brand that has become synonymous with style and quality all over the world.

Price segment: premium - luxury

Average price – 650 Euro


Women's and men's assortment:

-sheepskin coats






Size range:

women's wear: 34-54

men's wear: 46-66


Own production of WERNER CHRIST offers prompt reordering of models.